NEW!  Purchase 30 Segmented Plans for only $15 for use with Segment PRO.

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Those who just want to purchase the project plans, not to be used with Segment PRO (includes Excel spreadsheet and segment layout for only $35) Click here for more information.

The vase above will be raffled off to support CHUM.  There will be 175 tickets sold at $20 each.  Email me at if you are interested, I will email you when the tickets can be sold, sometime early May. The tickets will be sold on the CHUM web site.  CHUM is a local organization in the Duluth MN area that helps people in need, for more info on CHUM click here

The actual vase will be 12" wide and 10" high.  There are over 10,000 piece that make up the vase. When the vase is complete I will post the actual image.


You can contact me at