Vol. I – (30 Plans) Complete Plans – Excel


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The 30 plans in Segmented Projects, Vol. 1 include fifteen 48 segment, ten 60 segment, and five 72 segment projects.

These are the same projects that you can purchase from this site to work with Segment PRO which I personally have found to be a great tool for design.  But if you don’t plan to purchase Segment PRO, Segmented Projects, Vol. 1 can be purchased separately.  The Complete Plans include an Excel spreadsheet for each project along with the segment layout.  Press this link to see the Sample_Plan_48SEG

After purchasing the plans you will have access to the 5 documents that you will need to download, the 48SEG_Plans.zip, 60SEG_Plans.zip, and the 72SEG_Plans.zip, Complete_Plan_Info and the Extract_Instructions PDF documents.  You will need to move the zipped document to your computer and follow the instructions in the “Extract_Instructions” document.

If you have questions you can contact me at tomlohman@earthlink.net