Vol. II – (35 Plans) 48 Segment per row Complete Plans – Excel



Segmented Projects, Vol. II  have thirty five 48 segment plans

These are the same projects that you can purchase from this site to work with Segment PRO which I personally have found to be a great tool for design.  But if you don’t plan to purchase Segment PRO, Segmented Projects, Vol. II can be purchased separately.  The Complete Plans include an Excel spreadsheet for each project along with the segment layout.  Press this link to see the Sample_Plan_48SEG

After purchasing the plans you will have access to the four zipped folders and two document that you will need to download; Vol_II_48SEG_Cut_Sheets, Vol_II_48SEG_Cut_Sheets_PDF, Vol_II_48SEG_Paint, Vol_II_48SEG_Layout zipped folders,  and the Vol_II_48SEG_Plan_Summary and the Extract_Instructions.

If you have questions you can contact me at tomlohman@earthlink.net