Vol II – (35 Plans) 48 segment per row Segment PRO Plans



Segment PRO Plans (35 Plans)

This product has 35  plans that work with the Segment PRO software.  All the plans are forty eight (48)  segment plans,  You will need to purchase Segment PRO software from Woodturner Pro, http://woodturnerpro.com/software/segmentpro.htm.

You will have access to three (3) documents that you will need to download, Vol_II_48SEG_SegmentPRO zip folder, it has the 35 Segment PRO plans.  You will need to move this zipped document to your computer, preferably to your “My Segment PRO” directory.  The second document has the 35 plan and file names, the third document has instruction to import the plans using Segment PRO.


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